Vic’s Top 10 Books Read in 2018

2018 was a GREAT year for reading. I was lagging behind my Goodreads Challenge goal of 75 books for much of the year, but a very quiet few weeks at the end of December allowed me to catch up and even read one more for a total of 76. In all I rated nine books with five full stars and 37 as four-star reads — not too shabby. There was so much good stuff to read, and my TBR pile is already enormous for this year. So much so that I’m upping my 2019 goal to 80 books. As is … Continue reading Vic’s Top 10 Books Read in 2018

Combating Despair with Facts

The other day I was in a coffee shop working on my laptop and I overheard an interesting conversation happening next to me. A woman in her 30s was having coffee and talking with two older adults, who I assume are her parents. The woman’s talking about politics and about how terrible this administration is and right away the dynamics of this relationship are clear. The dad is conservative and practical while mom prefers to keep the peace and tries to see both sides of every argument. I see myself in the woman because despite seeming to be a fully-functional … Continue reading Combating Despair with Facts

Summer (non)Reading

The already too-short Seattle summer is coming to a premature end due to dense wildfire smoke. While this makes me all kinds of sad, one positive aspect is that it’s put me back into the groove of reading. I haven’t read a ton these past few months, slowing down my pace of book consumption to make room for bicycling and kayaking and riding my new motorcycle and (let’s be honest) long alcohol-fueled afternoons on patios with friends. I love summer. But now that we’re getting back to sweater weather, the idea of curling up on a couch with a full … Continue reading Summer (non)Reading